Level 2 Home Survey

(Home Buyer Survey)

We are experts in home surveys, and reports with qualified RICS building surveyors on hand to provide a professional and reliable service from start to finish.

We offer three varying levels of home surveys, all of which aim to supply you with a detailed analysis of the condition of a property when it’s time to move so that you can make an informed decision before proceeding with the purchase of your new home.

Our Level 2 Home Survey is targeted more towards homebuyers purchasing a property that seems to be in reasonable condition and is usually built after the second world war. It is a mid-level home survey that offers all the information covered in a Level 1 Home Survey but at a greater detail and with additional professional advice.

What is included in a
Level 2 Home Survey?

A Level 2 Home Survey includes a physical inspection of the property and a written report.. The RICS home surveyor aims to provide professional advice so that you can:

  • Make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property
  • Consider any repairs or replacements the property needs, and
  • Consider what further advice you should take before committing to purchasing the property.

What is not included in a
Level 2 Home Survey?

A Level 2 Home Survey is a visual inspection of the inside and outside of a property and our RICS property surveyors will not disturb the building,its contents or its services in any way. This means that they will not lift carpets or floorboards, cupboards will not be emptied, and furniture will not be moved.

There is also no testing of the plumbing, heating or drainage installations or inspection of the internal condition of any chimney, boiler, or other flues.
Specialist tests, such as asbestos inspections or any enquiries about contamination or other environmental hazards, are not included in a Level 2 Home Survey and will need to be arranged separately.

What happens during a Level 2 Home Survey?

During a Level 2 Home Survey inspection, you can expect our buildings surveyor to visually inspect the property to assess its overall condition and state of repair.

They will consider all inside and outside elements of the building, including windows, roofs, and guttering. They will walk the property’s grounds to inspect the condition of boundary walls, fences, permanent outbuildings, and areas in everyday use. 

The surveyor also carries out a desk-top study and makes oral enquiries for information about matters affecting the property. 

What happens after a Level 2 Home Survey?

After the inspection, our Level 2 Home Surveyor will provide you with a concise report that uses a traffic light system, known as condition ratings, to highlight the severity of work required on the main parts of the property. This could range from urgent investigation or replacement needed to minor repair works. 

This report also includes professional advice about repairs and ongoing maintenance. 

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